It’s time to rise.

I have been waiting for the holy ghost to pour down on me, to show me the way. To grab my hand and help me pour down in a piece of paper. I’ve been waiting for Him to grab the pencil from my hand and do the work. I’ve been waiting for Him to do the hard stuff, like rising up at 5 am to read scripture or do the fasting for me. I just want the results. I just want the blessing. I just want to wake up one morning to see the abundant life I have dreamed of for so long…. but I keep waiting. I keep waiting and that day seems will never come.

Does anyone else have this problem? 

Am I the only one who procrastinates so much?

I have this issue; I don’t know the difference between ‘leave it all in God’s hands’ , and get your butt to work.

Our father wont allow a dream to enter our hearts without giving us the material to accomplish our dreams. He wants to give us that abundant life. He wants to fill us with blessings till our cup over flows. But I also know He wants us to play our part. He wants us to do the fasting, He wants me to rise before the sun, He wants me to read scripture, to seek His face more and more.

Why oh why do I continue to do what my body pleases? 

It’s time to rise. 

  • It’s time to rebuke the devil, to rebuke procrastination, to rebuke laziness. It’s time to rise. To please our heavenly father and not ourselves. It’s time to rise, to work for that abundant life. It’s time to rise.


I would love for this post to be the beginning of a change in my life. But this is not the first post where I tell myself I would get better. But I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep fighting for a change. And as long as I never quit, I know I’ll make it one day.

I need to learn to be honest with myself, to let my true feelings pour out, I hunger for God and I hunger to learn my identity. And I truly believe writing through this media could be key to help me unlock what I seek. So I’ll continue. I’ll continue to write and write, and read and search. And I will write even when there’s no one to read me. I will keep going… I will rise.

I will rise.



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